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Warden Master

Explanation: Take charge of and secure the perimeter a prison in a near-future world where all the prisons are strangely full. Complete your task with distinction and be rewarded with promotion, fail your country in this responsibility then join the prison your charged with guarding. Choose between a lethal and non-lethal enforcement.

Balls Drop in the Browser

Explanation: WebGL arcade racing game. Delivering the thrill of a maximum speed down hill slalom course. Steer and accelerate with the cursor keys to keep to the track and set a pro time. This was a group project to game a native OpenGL game engine and game, which we created using glm/sdl/SFML audio. We rolled our own for the rest of the engine. I worked on the physics engine and track creation, while Kalid Salim handled the controls, GUI, sound and much of the rendering. Chris Taylor worked on the terrain, camera and loading track data. More recently I have taken this project and converted it into a JavaScript/WebGL game using emscripten sdk. Try it out. This does require a modern browser, Firefox v27 or Chrome v33. Currently sound, controller support and split screen multiplayer are on the to-do list of features.

Mars Landing Prototype

Explanation: This is a prototype version of a Martian exploration game. Created using ThreeJS this is a 3D exploration experience in the browser. Featuring a Martian landscape created from altimetry data from the MOLA satellite and Martian image data. You can explore using a custom set of remote controls and across a dynamic simulation of the Martian gravity. Plant your national flag to claim the planet! and don't get stuck in the mud.

Flash Animation

Explanation: This work represents some experiments with flash animation, exploration of scripted material and even voice acting. This is just 12 fps animation so it is not vert smooth but this was really as much time as I had to spent on the project. If you really enjoy this or are a bit puzzled by it all, you can say so below!


Explanation: This is an HTML 5 project that I have been working on. Built after attending a Microsoft day class on HTML 5. This makes use of createjs, so many thanks to Grant Skinner. A top down view of an everyday office worker striving to survive after finding themselves lost in a hostile wilderness with no food, no water and no way out! This supports either keyboard or touch input. Sprite graphics, particles and persistent procedural generation.

Parser-Thump Prototype

Explanation: An early playable version of a game developed for a mobile app. This game was later build for android. See how great a score you can get and post it below. Plus thoughts! Play the android version today!

The Ghost

Explanation: A nice little platformer made for a college project a while ago. You play as a ghost lost in a haunted mansion. Jumping or floating to search every corner. See if you can get the upper hand against the new owner of the mansion. Mechanics is very nice but made this a while ago now and there is not that many levels. How did you get on with this platformer?


Explanation: Fully playable version of sudoku made over a week. This was created using As3. Will add more if there is any interest. Please comment on this version of a popular game. See how many puzzles you can complete without hitting solve!

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